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2021Board Positions

Its that time of year again that we say goodbye to some of our dedicated board members. Would you like to get involved? Or just wonder what it takes to be a member of the SCYF Board? Interviews happening now! Open positions are listed below. If interested in a position please email to set up an interview time slot.

Assistant Field Commissioner (2 yr term) - Open

Flag Field Commissioner (1 yr term) - Open

Concessions Coordinator (2 yr term) - Open

Trustee #2 (1 yr term) - Open

We would like to WELCOME-Nikki Adams, Joanie Taylor and Stephanie Zettel to our SCYF Board....we are happy to have you!

We are so happy to have you back or thrilled if you are just joining us for the 1st time!

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We do A LOT of communication through email so please make sure we have a valid one for you and that you check it regularly!