USA Football
Game Day 2018 !!!

SCYF 2018 Schedules

JV Tackle

Freshman Tackle

5/6 Flag

7/8 Flag

2018 Field Locations

Byron High School

312 W. Maple St. Byron 48418

Clio High School

1 Mustang Dr. Clio 48420

Kearsley High School

4302 Underhill Dr. Flint 48506

Durand High School

9575 Monroe Rd Durand 48429

Linden High School

7201 Silver Lake Rd. Linden 48451

Mt. Morris High School (E.A. Johnson Memorial HS)

8041 Neff Rd Mt Morris 48458

Swartz Creek High School

1 Dragon Drive Swartz Creek 48473

Fenton High School

3200 W. Shiawassee Ave. Fenton 48430

Lake Fenton Middle School

11425 Torrey Rd. Fenton 48430

Holly High School

6161 E. Holly Rd Holly 48442

Game Days


The sport of Football can be physically and mentally grueling. Here are some ideas to prepare your child to handle the rigors of football:

  • Meals/Snacks - Look at healthy snacks and meals on game days. These include balanced meals with fresh fruit, vegetables, combined with some protein. (Example of a quick meal or snack: Try bananas with peanut butter toast or bagel, yogurt, apples & peanut butter, clementines / oranges, smoothies made with fruit, hard boiled eggs, trail mix with nuts/raisins, dried fruit.) Avoid greasy fast food and junk foods.
  • Hydration - Water! Water! Water! Sports drinks (like Gatorade) are not bad. Avoid soda and energy drinks that will cause unwanted energy crashes.
  • Rest - Try to get a good night's sleep the night before a game, especially for those early games that start at 9:00am.
For more ideas, visit USA Football's Parents Blog.

Arrival (Football):

Please Arrive at least 1 hour early, we have mandatory pre-game weigh-ins for every game!!!

The MYFL league officials will conduct football player check-ins of every participant 1 hour before the start of the game. Most coaches will advise you to arrive in advance of this event, even an 1.5 or more hours before kickoff. Please see your team's coach for this information if not announced.

Late arriving players have up until 10 minutes before game time to get checked in. If you miss check-ins, your child will have to sit out the first half of the game and will have the opportunity to check in at halftime to participate in the second half.

Once you have dropped off your child with their team prior to the game, please refrain from interrupting the team's pre-game activities.

Arrival (Cheer and Poms):

Please Arrive at least 30 minutes early!!!

SCYF Cheer and Pom coaches want all participants to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to game time to coordinate preparation efforts. All snacks will be provided by team parents.

Once you have dropped off your child with their team prior to the game, please refrain from interrupting the team's pre-game activities.

Weather Policy

Swartz Creek Youth Football, Cheer and Poms and the MYFL follow the guidelines of the MHSAA/NFHS regarding Lightning and delay / suspension of games. That means that if Lightning is seen the game must be delayed and teams removed from the field of play to safety. The game cannot be resumed until 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning is seen. Based upon our schedule and the weather conditions once a game has been delayed the Area and League Staff and Game Officials will make the decision if and when a game is suspended for the day. Once suspended for the day we will either reschedule a time to finish the game or call the game complete at the point suspended. Any game rescheduled will need to be played on the next day (Sunday) or on a weekend during the season when neither team has another game per MHSAA rules. A game that is suspended part way through and rescheduled will resume at the same point in the game at which is was suspended.

As soon as we are aware of any problems we will post a notice on this Bulletin Board of any MYFL games that are rescheduled, delayed, or cancelled for any reason. We will also update that notice for date, times, and locations of makeup game or status as soon as information is available. We suggest that you check the Bulletin board Saturday before you leave for a game if there is inclement weather on Friday or Saturday.

This Means:

  • If there is bad weather on the day of your game, check the MYFL web site for any cancellation notices before leaving home. If there is no cancellation notice, GO TO YOUR GAME.
  • If it is cold, windy, raining, or even snowing, but there is no lightning, your game will most likely be played. The Field Commissioner and/or Officials at the game location will cancel the game if weather conditions warrant it.
  • If lightning occurs during your game, all players will be taken to a safe location, typically a locker room, but also possibly to their parents' cars. The Field Commissioner and/or Officals will then decide when and if to resume the game.
Your Dragons Home Field Location
  • Swartz Creek High School Football Field (SCHSFF) 1 Dragon Dr Swartz Creek, MI 48473